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TM Fixed Lines - Home Line


Upon subscription for basic telephone service, an individual direct exchange line and a telephone set in a range of colors for selection is provided. A basic monthly rental will be levied while additional phone sets to be used as extensions can be provided at minimal additional rental.

Initial Deposit : RM75.00
Stamp Fee : RM10.00

Rental Charges

Exchange Line Capacity
Residential Rate (Monthly)
Peninsular Malaysia
Exceeding 1000 lines
501 - 1000 lines
500 & below lines

Installation Charge: RM50.00
(Payment to TM)

Wiring Charge
(Payment to contractor appointed by TM)
Existing wiring: RM30.00
New wiring: RM50.00


  1. RM50 is charged for the first 5 meters and every additional 1 meter is charged RM5.
  2. The charges are also applicable for the external removal (ER)

Reconnection Fee
When a subscriber's service has been temporarily disconnected, a charge of RM10.00 will be imposed for service reconnection.

Local Call

  • Calls within a town area (e.g. within Ipoh)
  • Calls between a town within the same charge area (e.g. Ipoh to Pulai)
  • Calls from a town to another town in an adjacent charge area (e.g. Ipoh to Chemor)

Each charge area consists of one town or several towns grouped together

Each local call is charged at 8 sen for the first 2 minutes or part thereof and 4 sen for each subsequent minute or part thereof



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