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Astro Package Price List

Channels On Astro

* Available for all customers until the end of August 2007

Astro Flexi Package - Subscription Rates
Astro Family (Free) TV1, TV2, TV3, Astro Ria, Arab Radio & Television Variety Channel (ART), Astro Vaanavil, NTV7, Astro Prima, Hallmark Channel, Discovery Travel & Living Channel, Bloomberg Television, TVIQ, @15 (Chat Channel), Hitz.TV, AXN, 8TV, Astro AEC, Sun TV
Excluding Sport Package Without Mini Packages 2 Mini Packages 3 Mini Packages 4 Mini Packages
Family RM37.95 RM49.95 RM54.95 RM69.95
Movies RM75.95 RM84.95 RM88.95 RM93.95
Emperor RM79.95 RM89.95 RM93.95 RM99.95
Dynasty RM79.95 RM89.95 RM93.95 RM99.95
Movies & Dynasty RM97.95 RM100.95 RM104.95 RM109.95
Movies & Emperor RM107.95 RM110.95 RM114.95 RM119.95
Dynasty & Emperor RM113.95 RM115.95 RM119.95 RM124.95
Movies, Dynasty & Emperor RM118.95 RM120.95 RM124.95 RM129.95
Including Sport Package 1 Mini Packages + Sports 2 Mini Packages + Sports 3 Mini Packages + Sports 4 Mini Packages + Sports
Family RM66.95 RM71.95 RM86.95 RM96.95
Movies RM101.95 RM105.95 RM110.95 RM116.95
Emperor RM94.95 RM98.95 RM104.95 RM109.95
Dynasty RM106.95 RM110.95 RM116.95 RM121.95
Movies & Dynasty RM117.95 RM121.95 RM126.95 RM131.95
Movies & Emperor RM115.95 RM119.95 RM124.95 RM129.95
Dynasty & Emperor RM120.95 RM124.95 RM129.95 RM134.95
Movies, Dynasty & Emperor RM125.95 RM129.95 RM134.95 RM139.95

Customers have the option to purchase Shuang Xing (RM25.00) and/or Celestial Movies (RM15.00) individually.
Terms and conditions apply

Customers are required to have a minimum of 2 mini packages or a minimum of 1 mini package + sports.



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